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Sky Caddie Course Information

Since the concept of this site we have had numerous golfers enquire as to what courses are available to use on the Sky Caddie. We have tried to answer their questions to the best of our knowledge and we advise that the best place to visit the Sky Caddie manufactures website at

There you will be able to browse the mapped courses by region, subregion and by Golf Club name. This is a fully comprehensive list and is being constantly updated by the guys at Sky Golf.

Sky Caddie Membership Plans

Membership plans for the Sky Caddie GPS Golf Rangefinder start at £29.95 per year if you just plan to use the Sky Caddie in your home country. This allows you unlimited access to the mapped courses.
If you are planning to travel outside of your home country and wish to take your Sky Caddie SG5 or Sky Caddie SG2.5 with you, then simply log into your account at Sky golf and request an upgrade.

Further details are available at, but for your convenience a quick guide to the Sky Caddie membership plans are shown below.

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