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Skycaddie SGX Golf GPS Rangefinder

The much anticipated Skycaddie SGX has finally hit the UK fairways.
This device is the most technically advanced Golf GPS Rangefinder available and is a testament to Skygolf's R&D department in producing a unit that delivers on all fronts.

Capable of storing up to 30,000 courses the Skycaddie SGX makes its popular predecessor the SG5 look quite feeble in comparison. But it's ability to store more courses than you are ever going to need is not the strongest selling point of this fantastic addition to the Skycaddie family of rangefinders. It's all the other features that make it stand out from the crowd, and believe me in a popular market that has spawned numerous competition to Skycaddies domination in the GPS rangefinder field the SGX is definitely a cut above the rest.

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Skycaddie SGX features include:

  • Large 3 inch TFT-LCD colour screen

  • Easy to use interface

  • TruePoint GPS Precision Technology produces the most reliable and accurate positioning available

  • Omni directional aerial stays locked onto satellite for improved performance

  • Stores 30,000 basic info courses and up to 50 fully featured

  • One handed operation

  • Interactive HoleVue technology with zoom feature

  • Digital scorecard and Stat Traking option

  • Skycaddie SmartClub compatible. The hottest thing in golf club technology is expected to be released in late 2010

  • Rechargeable lithium battery good for up to 14 hours use

What's new in the 2010 SkyCaddie SGX

For many golfers that are looking to purchase a GPS rangefinder may have asked the question what is the difference between the best selling SG5 and its new incarnation for 2010 the Skycaddie SGX.

Well both devices offer the best solution in handheld rangefinders, but does the higher price tag of the SGX represent a better deal.

To help you decide whether the SGX is a suitable upgrade or the unit of choice for the first time buyer I have summarised the main differences between the Skycaddie SGX and the SG5.

  • The SGX has fantastic 3 inch TFT-LCD screen as apposed to the SG 5 2.2 inch LCD screen.

  • The GUI or Graphic User Interface has had a complete overhaul on the Skycaddy SGX which offers a refined look and feel over the SG5

  • Where as on the SG5 you navigate the onscreen graphics with buttons the SGX also includes a multi-directional joystick that moves an onscreen cursor

  • The SGX is the first Skycaddie that will include up to 30,000 preloaded course maps for a 30-day trial period

  • The SG5 although more than capable of storing 20 course maps the new 2010 SGX Sky Caddie can store 50 maps at one time

  • The integrated Holevue feature on the SG5 is static whereas on the Skycaddie SGX the Holevue image is interactive and allows the user to adjust the line of play by moving the onscreen cursor.
    Note: Not all mapped courses have the Holevue feature at the time of writing this article.

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