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Looking for the best GPS Golf Rangefinders. You will not find better than Sky Caddy devices. All the Skycaddy GPS rangefinders have been R&A approved for competition play.

The two most popular models are the SkyCaddy SG5 and its smaller sibling the Sky Caddy SG25.
PLease pick from the models shown below to get the latest up to date prices and in stock information from the leading UK golf retailers.

Compare SkyCaddie SG5, SG2.5 and SG2.5 Lite Rangefinders

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Skycaddy Reviews

The Sky Caddy SG5 is the best thing in golf since round balls.
It will cut your score (no lie)and I'm the world's
worst golfer. It makes the game fun, fast and its
easy to use. Thank you Sky Caddy. We're taking you
on vacation tomorrow for a week and can't wait.

This is a wonderful item (Sky Caddy SG5) to help in choosing your club selection for hitting shots from 150 yards into the greens. This product is also very easy to use - it was a little confusing setting up an account with Sky Golf on the computer the first time, but after that it has been easy to add and delete courses from the unit.

I can't play golf without my Skycaddy. The iGreen button is really cool. You can move the center green target to any point on the green. I have all the numbers I need to hit more greens and avoid bunkers! Anyone struggling with their short game needs this feature.

I recently bought the Skycaddy SG5 and have used it for 8 rounds. I also own a Bushnell range finder (without pin seeker). I find the sky caddy much more useful. The biggest advantage is knowing the distance to the front, middle and back of the green from any angle of approach. Blind or uphill doesn't matter a bit. I'm learning exactly what swing it takes to go different distances from 100 yards in. The layup distances are very helpful. My third time out using it I shot the best round of my life.

I am still carrying the Bushnell, but have only used it once since I got the Sky Caddy SG5. Every course in my area (DE) that I play has been mapped and is available for download. All those on my planned golf vacation next week are mapped. I looked up some courses I have played in Phoenix and Florida and they were already mapped. You can check their website to see if the courses you normally play are done.

I bought the car charger so I can plug it in my car and not risk forgetting and leaving it home on charge. This has worked out great.

Its also helped me learn exactly how much carry I can expect on a good shot which has helped me get the ball closer to the pin or given me a shorter chip. My handicap has dropped from 13 to 11 so far.

Overall - this thing ROCKS.

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